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Why Cork Is The Perfect Yoga Companion

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Cork yoga mat

Most of us think cork belongs in wine bottles or hung on walls to pin reminder notes. However, cork is a super resource which isn't only sustainable but very versatile. We share with you why we believe cork is the perfect yoga companion. 

Smooth but surprisingly grippy

We have all experienced the pain point of our hands slipping during downward dog, right? Real yoga is about the inside work, feeling into the body and allowing ourselves to open space, but how are supposed to do this if we are in our minds and focusing that our hands are slipping! The cork surface is beautifully smooth and most are skeptical... how can this give me grip? I was skeptical too - until I took my first prototype to class and didn't slip for the first time. Only those who have practiced on the yoga mat have been amazed at the grip it provides... and what's even better is that the more you sweat the more your grip improves.

No smelly awkward moments

Smelly yoga mat? No, thanks. Cork is naturally antimicrobial... what does this mean? It naturally resists mould, mildew and bad smells. So not only does it provide a safe environment to practice on (especially when your face down on your mat) but you can rest easy knowing that your mat doesn't smell!

Feel grounded

Most customers have shared their experience with their new cork yoga mat and one of the most common things they share is how 'grounding' their practice feels. Do you notice you feel better when you walk barefoot on the Earth? Well research shows 'earthing' or 'grounding' is highly beneficial to your health. Our immune system functions optimally when your body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth. However plastics, like PVC and TPE which are found in unconventional yoga mats,  separate us from this contact. By using natural resources we hope to enhance the practice allowing to really connect and feel grounded.

Natural and recycling at its best

Most are surprised to learn cork is bark from a cork oak tree (also known as quercus suber). During cork harvest, the tree remains standing while large section of it outer bark, the cork, are cut and peeled from the tree. Cork oak is unique in its ability to regenerate its outer bark. After a tree reaches 25 years of age, it can be stripped of its cork every 9-12 years without causing damage to the tree. Pretty amazing right? Cork is predominately used to make wine stoppers however the scrapes are never wasted... they are used to make byproducts (like our yoga mat). Plus cork wine stoppers are recycled... it's broken down into granulates which are mixed with the natural scrapes and made into other products. We source our cork from Portugal and is a mix of natural and recycled cork. 


Not convinced? Try one of our yoga mats for yourself. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee which allows you to be 100% happy with your purchase, as well as a 1 Year Warranty on all of our products. Plus we offer free shipping on all orders over $119.

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