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2021 has been an interesting year in for Valka Yoga in New Zealand so far. We've been fortunate enough that businesses are open (including gyms and fitness centers), so that we're able to continue normal operations and continue supplying our yoga studios. We've also been fortunate to have a few other interesting developments in the works. And most of all, we're extremely grateful to be living in a country where we are safe and secure, above all else.

Valka Yoga on Top Reviews

Valka Yoga Mats on NZ Top Reviews

Our signature Chakra Yoga Mat made it onto the list of the 9 Best Yoga Mats in New Zealand. Although we are pretty confident we make the best yoga mats in NZ, we're pretty proud to be the featured as the best yoga mat for Hot Yoga, which let's just be honest - with the grip that improves as you sweat and the natural antimicrobial properties of cork is kind of a no-brainer. Find out more about why cork is perfect for hot yoga (or any yoga really) here.

Danny on the DOUGIT Podcast

Valka Yoga's Danny Garg on the DOUGIT podcastDanny, the Founder of Valka Yoga, was also recently featured on the DOUGIT Podcast. In this frank conversation, Danny and Doug discuss everything from eCommerce, to the founding of the yoga brand, and through to books and tips that helped them both survive the pandemic (so far!).

Doug Moores is many things - he's a yoga teacher, he's a creative, he's a thinker and sometimes he's an interviewer on a Podcast. Doug recently fell in love with his order of Grand Yoga Mats, which he had purchased to outfit the yoga studio at the Te Arai Lodge. Doug will also be organising a giveaway for one of the yoga mats soon so we highly recommend checking out the Podcast on Spotify, iTunes or Stitcher.

Valka Yoga back on

Valka Yoga mats back in stock

It's been a tough year for logistics and the Suez Canal situation didn't help. Yet after a number of supply chain issues, we're back in stock on We're also running a special on the Elephant and the Chakra cork yoga mats on Amazon for the first few weeks we're back in stock on the platform. If you're located in the United States, you shouldn't miss this fantastic opportunity.

Valka Yoga in Australia and the United Kingdom

Amy and Kerry from Valka Yoga UKWe have also launched sister websites in Australia and the United Kingdom. Due to an awesome logistics company, we are able to sell virtually all of our inventory in Australia. However, as the UK is a bit further away, we only have limited stock available over there at the moment. If you have friends in either of those countries, please remember to share your favourite yoga mat brand with them!


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