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Beginning to Meditate in 5 Easy Steps

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Learning to meditate can be a daunting thing; the idea of sitting on the floor and chanting for hours can seem impossible – even boring – to most of us. In recent years, meditation has grown to become one of the most accessible forms of Mindfulness in the modern world and with that, the process behind it has evolved allowing peace to be obtained in whatever space, situation, or time restraints you find yourself in!

Below are 5 simple and easy building blocks to begin your meditation practice:

1. Find your space

This can be in the garden, in your home or even in your car. Simply somewhere accessible that you won’t be disturbed and you can find a few minutes of peace and quiet.

2. Set a routine

Meditating and routine may sound like polar opposites but creating a set time each day is an important step to develop a successful Meditation practice.

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3. Keep it short and sweet

It takes years to develop the skill of meditating for hours and the reality is, most of us don’t have time for that. Meditating for simply 5 minutes is enough to reset our energy and allow us to create a positive mindset. Even setting a timer on your phone can help you fully relax without worrying about time running away from you.

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4. Visualisation

Creating stillness can be done without having to empty your mind of all thoughts and emotion. An easier approach is by visualising a positive image or affirmation and then spend the time meditating on that. Not only can it make meditating that little bit easier, but it can also generate feelings of joy, empowerment and positivity within you!

5. Release negativity

The most important concept to remember when you begin your mediation practice is releasing all negativity. This means letting go of all judgment and expectations and understanding that Meditation takes patience and practice. Accept that you might not be able to still the mind immediately or you might get a little bored sitting in one position at the beginning, but understand that you are at the start of your journey and try to learn something new from each session!

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