Yoga Mat Giveaway

Yoga Mat Weekly Giveaway

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Let's do our bit by staying at home and letting our "warriors" Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield lead the country in the fight against Covid-19. We are also extremely grateful to all of our essential workers <3

But what do we do at home Danny, you ask? How about a massive yoga mat giveaway running the length of the lockdown? Actually how about 3 weeks of giveaways? One for every level of alert =D

The Rules

Being on our newsletter automatically counts as one entry in the daily prize draw. Each action below will count as an additional entry in each price draw.

1. Like and follow our page on Facebook for an additional entry.

2. Follow us on Instagram for another entry in the prize draw.

3. Leave a review of a product you have purchased (in the last year) on the website for an additional entry. Upload a photo of the product with the review for a bonus entry.

4. Leave us a recommendation on our Facebook page for another shot at the pot.

That's up to 6 total entries! 

A. if you have already completed any of the actions above, you already have the additional entry in the prize draw!

B. Customers outside New Zealand can still compete, provided they are willing to provide an address in New Zealand for shipping or cover shipping costs to their overseas address.

C. If you already own the prize that is drawn, you can nominate a friend or family member to receive the products.

D. To save you from spam, we will be contacting winners directly and adding an update to next week's newsletter with this week's winners and the new prizes up for grabs!!

E. Winners will be drawn on weeknights after 6pm. They will be contacted directly immediately afterwards.

F. The giveaway is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.

G. And yes, as yoga gear falls under exercise equipment, we are allowed to continue sending out orders by the MBIE.

Prizes for Week One (Level 1)

Tuesday: Hammered Copper Bottle & Bracelet

Wednesday: Yoga Mat Carry Strap & Bag

Thursday: A Year's Supply of Bamboo Toothbrushes & Tongue Scrapers

Friday: Chakra Yoga Mat

Prizes for Week Two (Level 2)

Monday: Hammered Copper Bottle

Tuesday: Pair of Copper Bracelets

Wednesday: Cotton Yoga Strap & Bag

Thursday: Tibetan Singing Bowl

Friday: Chakra Yoga Mat

Prizes for Week Three (Level 3)

Wednesday: Tibetan Singing Bowl

Thursday: Pair of Copper Bracelets and a Hammered Copper Bottle

Friday: Yoga Strap and Yoga Block

Saturday: Chakra Asana Arsenal


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