Wood Lace Agate Crystal Bracelets

Wood Lace Agate Bracelets

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The pair of bracelets are made of a blend of natural shades of Wood Lace Agate, an ideal choice for a true lover of this crystal. Handmade in Aotearoa and one of a kind.

Wood Lace Agate or Petrified Wood is the result of a tree turning into stone through the process of permineralization. You should connect with Petrified Wood if you want to establish deep roots. Even when you’re filled with fear, panic, or anxiety, you will be grounded and stable because of its energies of calm.

The earth energies present in this crystal will calm your nerves and ease your fears, filling you with feelings of security, stability, and well-being.

Petrified Wood is an ideal stone for meditation because it will guide you in knowing what’s important and what isn't. It will encourage you to stop obsessing about the things beyond your control. It will remind you to accept things as they are, and not sweat the small stuff. When Petrified Wood connects to your root and third eye chakras, you will experience an increased sense of awareness and determination.

Each bracelet is handmade in New Zealand from ethically sourced crystals and comes backed by our 30 day money back guarantee as well as 1 year replacement warranty. Buy now to experience the myriad benefits of crystals!

Pair of bracelets, each consisting of 22 8mm Wood Lace Agate crystals on an elastic cord

Diameter 7cm, one size fits most

Silver plated brass lotus charm and beads

Handmade in New Zealand

Each bracelet is one of a kind and made from undyed, ethically sourced gemstones

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